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Showroom and Studio Location

This shop has evolved since it has opened in 2015. It started off as a shop that sold our furniture pieces, but also was the home for many local crafters to sell their handmade products to the community. We realized pretty quick that we needed to scale back as there weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Today, we are opened by appointment only because we’ve been busy with our clients bringing in their furniture for us to paint.  The shop has turned into a workshop and a place where magic happens!  We hold our monthly “Getting Started” class every first Saturday of every month from 1-3:30pm.  In this class, our students admire the pieces in the shop that are being worked on in different stages.  The environment sparks inspiration and creativity, both things needed for stunning transformations.

Looking ahead….We plan to grow.  We invite you to follow along as we embark on this journey.

We appreciate your support!

Elsinore Xx

Address: 6 Brant Avenue, South Store – Mississauga – Port Credit


Call us:  289-301-0203

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